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A Report of Mobility Programmes 2017

Ványai Ambrus Secondary Grammar School, Secondary School and Vocational School of Karcag Vocational Training Center implemented student and teacher mobilities in the framework of Erasmus programme during the academic year of 2017/2018.

The aim of our programmes for 22 years is to improve the training quality of our institution and to train our staff further. Our students in vocational basic education are educated in European self-knowledge and European-level specialists in the international, real-world context of short and long mobility.

The first mobility of the school year was a long-term, one-year-old mobility. The two vehicle polisher and three car mechanic beneficiaries were in France, in Joigny, at the Louis Davier Secondary School. Three students in Joigny and two in Auxerrebe spent their professional practice in real-world working environments. The aim of mobility was to acquire the skills of self-employment while acquiring general and professional language skills. The students shared their lodgings and adapted to the new working environment and had an excellent assessment of the year. Two students were also offered job opportunities.

According to the main training profile of our institution, the second mobility of the school year was a nine-person teacher mobility. In France, we got acquainted with the renewing curricula of the vocational training at the Cavailloni Dumas Secondary School. In the institution, we could also study the lorry engineer training and the possibility of obtaining a driving license within the framework of daytime school education.

After transport engineering mobility 7 + 1 student mobility was also implemented. Most of the beneficiaries were the most skilled students in our school. During the four-week mobility, students worked in specialized services in Joigny where the students studied innovative environmentally friendly technologies.

During the school year, 7-7 students took part in two welder mobility sessions with their teacher. The aim of mobility was to learn about French welding procedures and work habits in practice in a new working environment, where students could work with the most modern welding machines with a mentor.

In Joigny ,five of our collegaues participated in a five -day professional training for trade experts. The aim of mobility was to get acquainted with the new training method of traders and shopkeepers, to know and take over good practice and to learn about the French aspirations for redundancies and retraining with technological advancement.

The trader teacher mobility was followed by our trader student mobility. Our students had been practicing for four weeks in small and medium sized commercial units between stock driving out in January and Valentine's Day. In addition to studying the periodic stock driving out, markdown and marketing habits, the students gained insight into the future of the profession and the dark side of the automated cash registers and e-commerce.

A total of 52 participants participated in our program, which was closed by a professional closing conference. In the conference all participants were recognized with a Europass Mobility Certificate and bilingual recognition diploma.

As a recognition of our international endeavors,after the Renault Class we have become the Ford Career Program School, the base school of the National Automobile Association. In recognition of our excellent training and international relationships, our school got a new Ford vehicle.

In order to maintain the partnership in the next round of applications, we wish to make mobility in Cologne in the Ford factory and the Secondary School of Ford.

For a large number of German companies in our institute's enrollment area, we want to open up to Germany to a large extent in the coming years.

In addition to Erasmus +, our institution is actively involved in the organization of Erzsébet Camps and Unlimited Programs.